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    • Company History*|RN|*AIT Electronic Corporation was established in 1997 in Taipei, Taiwan as a supplier of memory chips and CPUs for desktop computers to overseas markets.*|RN|**|RN|*Over the years, the business has steadily grown and has expanded its product lines based on customers’ needs and recognizing market trends.*|RN|**|RN|*During this expansion, AIT added a full line of DRAM memory modules and chips for PCs, Notebooks, Servers and Industrial PCs, flash memory for Tablet PCs, Smart Phones and Digital Cameras, USB flash drives and Intel and AMD CPUs (Box or Trays) for PCs and Notebooks. Since 2009, have been selling the Sahara Memory brand of Flash Memory Cards and DRAM Memory Modules*|RN|**|RN|*Business Operations and Value*|RN|*In the competitive and dynamic memory and flash storage market, AIT continues to work hard to provide the excellent service, quality products, quick response and flexibility to meet our customers’ business needs. *|RN|**|RN|*Company Philosophy*|RN|*AIT treats customers with the greatest respect and honesty and gains our customers’ trust by doing business with the highest integrity.*|RN|**|RN|*AIT only sells excellent quality products and stands by our customers with reliable after sales service.*|RN|**|RN|*AIT is a dependable and responsible business partner. This has contributed to our success in developing long-term business relationships.*|RN|**|RN|*AIT provides a variety of memory products to meet different customer requirements that include both current solutions as well as the newest technology items.*|RN|**|RN|*• Memory Products*|RN|*Proprietary Memory: For Servers, Workstations, Printers, and Industrial PCs*|RN|*Standard Memory: For Desktops, Notebooks*|RN|*Memory Chips: For all types for memory modules*|RN|**|RN|*• Flash Cards*|RN|*All types of Flash Cards: For MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs, smart phones and tablet PCs. *|RN|**|RN|*• USB Flash Drives*|RN|*USB Flash Drives: For a range of mobile data storage*|RN|**|RN|*
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